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Tools included in

  • Study book

    This tool streamlines the process of generating study materials for students. This is best applied to one lesson at a time.

  • Activities

    Craft engaging activities effortlessly, inspire deeper learning, and ignite your students' passions

  • Driving questions

    The tool is designed to help educators craft compelling questions that pique students' curiosity and drive their desire to learn.

  • Real-world examples

    Create real world examples which you can use in class for better learner engagement.

  • Classic lesson plan

    Whether you're building upon an existing lesson or starting fresh, this tool guides you through the process. You can apply educational standards as well.

  • Gagne's 9 Events Framework

    Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction is a systematic framework that guides educators through a sequence of steps designed to capture attention, facilitate understanding, and ensure long-term retention for effective learning. This tool will guide you to design a lesson plan based on this framework.

  • ChatGPT Lesson Plan

    This tool facilitates the creation of engaging lessons that challenge students to interact with ChatGPT, fostering creativity and deepening their understanding of various subjects. In addition it ensures that the learning experience supports growth mindset.

  • ChatGPT Proof assessment

    ChatGPT proof assessments are specially designed educational tasks that require personalized insights, real-world engagement, and hands-on activities to ensure genuine human input and discourage the use of chatbots like ChatGPT, Google Gemini and others.

  • Engaging projects

    By seamlessly integrating course details, this tool helps you to devise a custom mini-project, delivering a multimedia-rich, objective-aligned blueprint for enriched learning.

  • Explain difficult concepts

    Get suggestions on how to explain difficult concepts to your audience using any technique you prefer

  • Quiz builder

    Use this tool to generate any type of quiz for any topic, audience and difficulty.

  • Rubric Designer

    This tool will generate a rubric based on the task, the audience, performance levels and criteria you specify.

  • Feedback report

    Use this tool to generate a Feedback report for a specific student or learner with personalised recommendations.

  • Describe the need

    Use this tool to identify and create the need to attend a specific training course.

  • New tools coming soon

    • Create a slide deck for a topic
    • AI powered Research Assistant with up to date information