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CourseGenie's Origin

Born in 2023, CourseGenie emerged from a shared vision held by a team of experienced educators and technologists: Education has, not only, to keep up with the technology, but also use it as a catalyst for innovation.

Addressing a Critical Need

Seeing the struggle for reliable and easy-to-use teaching tools, CourseGenie was designed to provide educators with a trustworthy platform for creating engaging and insightful course content, saving valuable time.

Driven by Educator Needs

Our mission was clear: develop a tool that directly addresses the challenges educators face daily. CourseGenie is built from extensive research and real-world feedback to meet those needs.

Empowering Educators Globally

CourseGenie is the result of dedicated efforts to support educators with a platform that enhances engagement, fosters inspiration, and improves teaching effectiveness.

We've designed a


that simplifies the

that simplifies the

process of creating

From building a curriculum and designing a lesson plan, to creating quizzes and organizing projects, CourseGenie offers all the essential tools you need in one place.

educational content

Designed for efficiency


97% of educators report a substantial time-saving in course material creation and class preparation, freeing them up for more meaningful interactions with students.

Meet our team

George Pratsos

Founder & CEO.

Yiannis Diellas

Project Manager

Liza Fedorova

Lead UX/UI Designer

Aditya Palmia

Lead Developer

Making educators'
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reliable tech

For Educators, By Educators

Our platform is built with the real-world needs of educators in mind, making us a trusted choice.

Community Driven Improvement

We're not just a tool—we're a community that listens and improves through your valuable input.

Empowering Every Educator

We're committed to helping each educator evolve, no matter their level of digital expertise, one step at a time.

Crafted Intelligence

CourseGenie is carefully designed to simplify the process of creating smart, engaging learning experiences for everyone involved.


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